View Full Version : Welding clutch

6th December 2006, 17:51
Has anyone welded up the centrifugal clutch on a minimoto. You could push start it and it wouldn't slip so much when accelarating from low speeds but of course it would stall when you went too slow. My pull starts broken anyway (daytona 2).

7th December 2006, 14:17
i was thinking off doing this on a crappy old scooter i have.
Would work i imagine.
Then again a new pullstart wouldnt cost you much at all, so probably not worth it in the end.
Mainly because it would still much easier

27th March 2007, 18:33
Get the Aluminium body pullstart with the aluminium pull claw. Fits all Daytona 1 and 2 A115 engines. Never have a problem again.
Send me a PM if you want a deal on one.