View Full Version : Bike thief returns to save victimís life

20th July 2004, 23:39
In an ironic twist of fate, a motorbike thief returned to the scene of the crime to save his former victimís life. Three years after stealing his motorbike, Robert Ward awoke Michael Tull and his lodger after their house was allegedly set alight in an arson attack in Felixstowe, England.

Ward said "I was coming up the road on the bus and saw the fire, so I got off and just did what I had to do and rescued them. It was very, very scary."

Police have launched an investigation into the cause of the blaze and are treating it as Ďarson with intent to endanger lifeí.

Officers have appealed for anyone with information or who saw anything suspicious to contact them on 01473 613500.

21st July 2004, 10:39
After reading that I couldn't understand why the guy would save them and then admit to stealing the dudes bike 3 years ago but apparently he had already been caught for that crime. See the link below for more info - a genuine hero!