View Full Version : French police hunt for axe murderer of teen biker

20th July 2004, 23:40
French police are hunting a man who brutally killed a teenage boy on the weekend with an axe and stole his motorbike near Avignon.

The murder took place as the victim, Romain Benavent, was talking with his girlfriend on an island on a river a small distance from their homes.

A man, described by the girlfriend as of average build, around 20 years old and speaking French poorly, had asked the couple for a cigarette as he passed. They refused, saying they did not smoke, and the man went away. But minutes later he reappeared and struck Benavent on the head and neck with an axe, fatally wounding him. He then took the victim's 50cc motorbike and fled.

A search of the surrounding area turned up the bloodied axe, which was being analysed for clues.