View Full Version : Motorcycle used in fight against duck problem in NSW

23rd July 2004, 00:20
Wild ducks are causing a major problem in drought-stricken New South Wales. Feed along the coast is drying up, so the ducks are moving inland to roost, eating and messing on rye grass meant for cattle.

The solution? Ride a bike at them. According to one local cattle producer "We ride a motorbike or a quad runner through them and that seems to scare them away a bit. We also scare them with a few rounds of ammunition, but we don’t him them – well not yet anyway”

23rd July 2004, 00:51
Ha,if the stupid buggers hadn't banned duck shooting they might not have such a problem.Was once a time when you could get paid for shooting ducks over NSW rice crops.
There was a reason for it.I hope the greenie tree huggers like duck poo in their wheaties. :laugh:

23rd July 2004, 09:41
WE gotta duck problim out our way ... :yeah:

Damn things lie in the middle of the road and they blend in well at changeof light ...

I nearly had two ofem take me out this week ... they were running away from me along the road before takin flight. And they crap on my front doorstep scrounging for bread.