View Full Version : South Essex: Dick Turpin motorbike crackdown continues

30th July 2004, 00:34
Police are monitoring the regular meeting at the Dick Turpin pub on the A127. Officers from Laindon Road Policing Unit were out in force as allegedly 300 bikes met at the pub, but had little to do.

A traffic police spokesman said: "A few were prosecuted for minor offences, but the majority were law abiding. One pulled a wheelie on the A127 in front of a police car. Others were stopped and cautioned for speeding."

(I have to mention this - the original report that I found that covered this said "Police renewed their crackdown on reckless bikers last night as hundreds of motorcyclists gathered at the Dick Turpin pub on the A127.

Officers from Laindon Road Policing Unit were again out in force to try to snare dangerous motorbike riders who put themselves and other motorists at risk." Very sensationalist - but the truth? As you can see from the above, not a lot really happened. But "Bikers behave at club meeting" wouldn't really sell any papers)

7th August 2004, 14:57
Unfortunately mate whenever bikers get together a significant minority do seem to have to act like twats.I read a post elsewhere on Poole bike night,regular Tuesday Night meet in Dorset,regular 3000 bike attendance.Bloke had been overtaken by some dork doing 60 m.p.h.,not a big deal?Well pretty impressive doing a stoppie at that speed but there`s a time and a place.On the recent Megaride in Plymouth most were being sensible,being in full view of the public,plenty of Police marshalling e.t.c.BUT the usual "mental minority" got all excited and had to perform,if the plod had wanted to be heavy-handed they could have jumped all over a couple of guys who`s obvious joy at having a mass-audience got the better of them.

9th August 2004, 17:42
you reckon 300 car drivers from a club would be better behaved???