View Full Version : Triumph sales given rocket boost

30th July 2004, 23:25
Triumph, is celebrating sales of its new Rocket III, now officially the most successful model in the firm's history. According to Triumph, the Rocket III has generated more advanced orders, than any other Triumph bike, with over 2,000 orders received before production began in June.

Ross Clifford, the company's Product Development and Racing Manager, says the waiting list for the Rocket III is an indication of its success "If you put a deposit on a bike today, you woudn't get delivery until November," he said.

31st July 2004, 06:29
Have you seen the stats on this bike pretty impressive.

31st July 2004, 09:17
We've pre sold three and it's not even launched here 'till next weekend.

31st July 2004, 14:53
I seem to be in the minority on this bike,I think it`s frigging hideous,though I can see the Yanks going for it big-time.Nothing against Triumph,I really like the Thunderbird Sport,Tiger,TT100 and even the Bonnie America`s neat for what it is.Great to se them doing so well but the Rocket 3 is truly awful.

31st July 2004, 18:52
Just don't let Fishman near it...

1st August 2004, 10:16
I quite like the look of it. Look's really grunty.

Not too fussed with how they put the footpegs on though. Looks a bit like "How are we going to get around that motor so the rider can put their feet up?"

It's not going to stop me going around to WMCC for a look and drool over it.

Next weekend, eh? Time to start begging to be let out...

Ghost Lemur
1st August 2004, 10:52
Personally I'd rather go for the Yammy MT-01 if I was looking for a bike in this category.