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23rd January 2007, 18:34
What a wicked day, signed in - quite a few people in the slow group so I was put in the medium..
Pulled into the grid quite early and was first behind Murray on his r6 in a safety vest to do 2 warm up laps for the first session, Do these 2 laps then its time to up the pace... being on the slowest bike in the session a few bikes pass me on the straights.. Coming up the hill towards the start a black zx10r flies past me and starts tipping into the right turner - speed is well above mine and im at 140... Rider loses the front and hits the ground right in front of me sliding up the hill and into the wall... Lucky those pads were there ...riders ok
Red flag... Had a restart
Lined up near front of grid again - popped a wheelie accelerating onto track had my first session and had a big grin.
To sum up, the rain held off the whole day, got HEAPS of tracktime and didnt bin my bike, My other big thing was in the 2nd to last session I got my knee down for the first time ever coming out of the hairpin...
Was with a couple chicks who happened to flash riders down at castrol...
As the day went on I grew more confident, kept pushing to scrape that slider, at 1 point I lost the front but didnt bin it!!!. ran off track then went back on my merry way !
My aprilia rs250 was tapped out at 200-205km/h halfway down the back straight which was a little bit dissapointing... Then my new friend myles offered me a ride of his black 2006 r6..
This was a dude Id only met that morning for the first time trusting me with his bike, My first time riding anything bigger than a 250 2 stroke...
The power was nice... I backed off at 240 without even getting into 6th gear.. Loved getting the front end light but 1 thing it didnt have was a steering dampner !
15minutes of bliss !
A big thankyou to steve at kiwitrackdays for putting on a wicked day, my first trackday, first knee down, first big bike ride... Heaps of tracktime
Ill be at as many as I can
also thankyou to the mystery camera man who took over 200 photos on the day, thanx to a friend they found their way to my email !!

23rd January 2007, 18:46
good on ya, saw ya bike there, there is another day on the 2nd of feb in taupo, (makes puke look like a goat track) see if ya can make it.

there is also another trckday on the 3 rd, in taupo

24th January 2007, 18:02
That's a nice little bike you've got man. I loved my first 600 ride too, which also happened to be on a mates R6 at the track.

I didn't see any girls flashing riders at Castrol, but I was a wee bit busy. I shoulda been looking harder. Cracked me up on the way to the track when one of your girl mates was staring into our wagon

24th January 2007, 21:21
good shit cam, like i said the other day - glad you had a wicked time bro, will have to get you down to taupo sometime!

24th January 2007, 21:39
That bike is awesome! You were riding brilliantly by the end of the day on it.

See you at the next one!

27th January 2007, 18:58
fully forgot I wrote this thread, was pissed I think, Im praying I can get next friday off for taupo..