View Full Version : Minister welcomes UK motorcycle report

4th August 2004, 00:11
Road Safety Minister David Jamieson has welcomed a report on the future of motorcycling as 'timely'.

The report - 'Advisory Group on Motorcycling: Final Report to Government' - will inform the government's strategy for motorcycling to be published in the near future.

It is the final paper from industry, local government and road user bodies brought together in 1999 to consider the safety and environmental impact of motorcycling.

The report recommends that government:

Carries out a fundamental review of the licensing regime which allows faster access to riding bigger bikes, promotes rider improvement and speed awareness courses for offending motorcyclists, runs
An advertising campaign to make motorcyclists and other road users more aware of dangers and also recommends that the position of motorcycles using bus lanes be reviewed.

Mr Jamieson said "This report is timely. The Government and the motorcycling community are working together to make biking safer and to take account of the needs of motorcyclists. Motorcycling is an important part of the transport mix and we will consider the report's recommendations closely as we further develop our motorcycling strategy."

Craig Carey-Clinch, MCI Director of Public Affairs said “The Report is a real landmark. This is the first time that motorcycling’s role has been considered in such depth and the first time that motorcycling groups have presented a policy document to Government which has been developed under the chairmanship of the Road Safety Minister himself.”

“The industry now looks forward to the forthcoming National Motorcycle Strategy. After decades of policy stagnation, we will be disappointed if the Strategy doesn’t give clear direction to policy makers at both local and national level to develop real policies for motorcycle safety access and security and to stop ignoring the positive role that motorcycling plays in helping to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Industry wants to see the excuses taken away from those local authorities and London Boroughs who refuse to act in support of biking.”

Jeff Stone of the BMF endorsed these thoughts “The comprehensive 69-page report is a landmark document, but will be wasted if Government does not act upon its recommendations.”