View Full Version : Starting cbr250r (mc19) without gauges or ignition button

5th March 2007, 21:55
i have a cbr250r (mc19) that i brought for parts for my bike and now i have all that i need i was looking at getting the spare bike running possibly for a go-cart or some other fun, the only problem is that the parts i needed for my bike were the ignition barrel and all the gauges so all im left with is allot of plug ends. before we pulled it to bits it turned over (less the compression side of things :pinch:) and i was wondering if anyone knew how hard it is to get it running again. i was told to bridge some pins on the plugs and have a wiring diagram but it makes no sense what so ever to me
any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

6th March 2007, 22:49
what happened to your old ignition barrel.
if only the key bit was wiped out you can plug it in and use it.
To get the bike to turn over--with a good battery --Just bridge the starter solenoid main posts with a screwdriver---itll turn over --just not foire

7th March 2007, 15:45
yea thats the problem it was the bottom of the ignition barrel that was fucked up basically the old one isent usable at all :(

7th March 2007, 17:18
Start by finding the wiring diagram, and if its not obvious which wires will need bridging from that, post it up here and someone will be able to tell you. Should be pretty easy to just trace the circuit out with a bit of multimeter and mk1 eyeball as well.