View Full Version : Speed camera boss admits cameras failing to save lives

17th August 2004, 00:09
Speed camera rule changes reported in ‘The Times’ newspaper, are proof positive that camera bosses don't know what they are doing, says the ‘Safe Speed’ anti-camera group.

Mr Brunstron, head of the ACPO road safety committee is reported as saying: "We have got cameras at almost all the identifiable casualty hotspots and yet deaths haven't gone down because they are happening elsewhere.”

“We have a particular problem with motorcyclists (just motorcyclists? Mr Brunstrom clearly needs to stand at a junction and watch cars, vans, lorries et al doing exactly the same thing) slowing down for the cameras but then speeding up and dying on the next corner. We need to keep people’s speed down along the whole stretch of road."

Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign said: "We have been making a fuss about this problem for years. It's like swatting the place on the wall where you last saw the fly."

23rd August 2004, 10:18
here's something else to make you laugh (or cry/wince) - we are not the only ones bitchin about them