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17th June 2003, 23:33
Can anyone recommend a good one in Auckland? When I did the taillights I just crimped the wires together, but I really need them plugged so I can easily take the tail section off. Also want to get the <a href="http://www.kiwibiker.co.nz/forums/showthread.php?threadid=454">TRE mod</a> done.

18th June 2003, 09:01
Phil at milford auto electrical on the shore-09 442 2400
He has a V MAX and a VTR and is a very good auto electrician.
We have been dealing with him for at least 4 years and still stand by his work.

18th June 2003, 10:37
I gave phil a ring and he said they don't do bikes. :(

18th June 2003, 12:50
How rude!!!

18th June 2003, 13:48
SpankMe how professional do you want it ? You can just get a crimping tool and crimp plug in connectors on and Bobs your Auntie. Alternatively a soldering iron to tin the wires, crimp on the little brass connectors, fit a little shrink wrap to make it all tidy and then fit into a nice little connector, like those already on your bike.

I no longer have all my autoelectrical tools as I gave up wiring buses and ambulances in 1984, but if you have the bits, a soldering iron and a crimping tool&nbsp;I could do it for you.


18th June 2003, 13:52
I've got gum and a pipe cleaner-any help?

18th June 2003, 14:45
My problem was getting small enough male/female wire connecters as they need to be able to thread through a hole in the fender. I'm just gonna get Colemans to do it on Friday.

$60/hour :argh:

18th June 2003, 15:07
Someone has got to keep the economy going by spending!:o

18th June 2003, 19:04
Otherwise you can get all the bits you need at Dick Smiths - connectors etc. However, if Colemans do it while you are at work then saves time for riding when your aren't at work eh!

18th June 2003, 19:16
the tail light thing has got to be within your skill set?
inline pre-insulated bullet connectors and a crimp tool will cost nix.

but that throttle mod now thats getting techo.

what about and excentric cam on the carbies like the later ZXR600
Its not round like mine it give move response at the bottom then normal at half on.

the best mods are mechanical?

stops the old hand cramp. (if thats the cause!)

19th June 2003, 23:34
Man I'd love to be a bike electrician. Must be quite a cruisy job, and you get to work on tonnes of different bikes, from those early british bikes to all the late model jap bikes. I could handle that for six months, but must get a little boring after a while, once you changed one battery u've changed them all.

20th June 2003, 11:14
You've never heard of Joe lucas, have you Andrew?

20th June 2003, 12:27
Colemans did the work for me and charged me nothing. :niceone: I didn't get the TRE mod done, will do at next service.

20th June 2003, 12:45
Struth... IF you had said something last night and IF it wasn't dark I could have done it for you then and there. Never mind - looks like Colmans looked after you. Obviously some Auck shops still believe in service.