View Full Version : Hell's Angels tax scam stopped

17th August 2004, 00:13
Swedish and Danish police have caught 60 members of the Danish biker Hell's Angels and Bandidos gangs for tax evasion. Police say they registered fake addresses in Sweden to evade taxes, claim welfare benefits and buy cheaper bikes.

Sweden and Denmark are connected by a road bridge, making it easy to travel from one country to the other.

"Not many of those registered here were actually living here physically" police commissioner Peter Tjader in Malmo "So there was reason to believe they were going to use their registration here for other purposes."

A Danish court has started legal proceedings against some of the bikers.

Death and taxes – they both come to us all in the end…

17th August 2004, 00:25
Hmmmmmm, all sort of Al Capone sounding?

17th August 2004, 00:30
Hmmmmmm, all sort of Al Capone sounding?

Yup, that's how they got him as well - amazing how many people get caught out for taxes when they seem to be able to cover up all sorts of other activities.

18th August 2004, 02:26
I read a good newspaper article about the revenue in the U.K,apparently they have all-but a private police force with surveillance equipment,covert filming,undercover operatives e.t.c. Policeman lives next door to a mate of mine and he works with these guys all the time,reckons they get loads of tip-offs from what starts out as a tax snoop,as soon as the tax people find money that appears to be un-explained,or not satisfactorily explained then the bloodhounds are let loose.As this is all covert the person under the eye has no idea from the start that they`re being watched as their movements are tracked via financial transactions for sometimes months before any cop ever sets eyes on them.biggest eye-opener from the cop was how thick most of these "street-wise" pillocks are.Drug-dealer in Plymouth was claiming to be a nightclub bouncer and bought himself a brand new purplr Lambourghini to drive,judge asked him why he didn`t just get "drug-Dealer" painted on the side of it.