View Full Version : minimoto tyre psi?

14th March 2007, 16:22
just scored a 310 dollar chinker from trademe, ripped the airbox off, and
ran it in , now running on full racegas/oil mix and goes very very well, had one before didnt go this well,,

anyway notice that the rear tyre shape was very weird, the sides of the tyre were flat , almost lookling like a top-hat, side on, and when i leaned it, gave a very unstable feeling, front tyre is perfectly curved, so i got a front tyre which im guna fit to the rear, cause all the rear tyres he had where weird shaped, anyway....

wat are max psi* and good psi* to run,


14th March 2007, 16:29
Ah yes - good ol' box section tyres. Apparently thats all you can get in india.

14th March 2007, 19:03
It depends on where you are riding or racing the bike. Probably 25 PSI is enough, for both front and rear. You may need to increase a couple of pounds if your an adult.
The best advice I was given, was put a front tyre on the rear. Works way better, doesnt wear out so fast.
The chinkers need constant maintenance, so check your tyre preesure every time you ride it.
Also check your chain is tight, oil it everytime you ride it.
Check all the nuts and bolts as they come loose often.

14th March 2007, 19:25
cheers m8., much apreciated.