View Full Version : e-riders AGM and launch of BMW G650X

14th March 2007, 21:14
We had our once a year meeting of e-riders at Motorad tonight and surprisingly had one of the lighter turnouts for a while probably only about 30 - 40 there.

Thanks to Brendan and Carl and the team for the hospitality - drinks and food.

Once again as e-riders is much like KB, there are no club rules or whatever, Lynda and Glen were just automatically assumed to continue as joint co-leaders of the group and as there are no rules and no subs nothing changed and the vision lives on.

The star of the night was introduced by Glen Holden and that was basically the world wide launch of the BMW G650X. Garry W told us it about it previously here http://www.kiwibiker.co.nz/forums/showthread.php?t=37028 and you can read about it here http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=3826&Page=1.

Brendan said to me "you can have it if you can reach the pegs" but being an honest chap I couldn't rob him blind as I knew he meant if you can reach the ground, so I turned his offer down. Honest dumb arse eh! For me it is the first BMW I could be vaguely interested in because it is a lean kind of dirt bike I could drop without breaking. The weight he said is 144kg dry and that's lighter than a DR650SE. However seat height suits a tall German at around 950mm, so maybe I'll save my $17k after all.

For once I never had my camera with me, so no pics from me tonight.

15th March 2007, 06:35
Looks like the Xcountry has a pillion seat but no pillion pegs? I like that the Xchallenge has all the road gear on it, ready to go, but the Xmoto is just plain ugly.

Edit: I see Aprilia is involved with BMW making this X-series, you are still better with Aprilia's SXV/RXV if want power to weight however. The SXV 550 is 125kg and 70bhp. Admittedly the X-series probably doesnt have such high service intervals as the SXV's, but they are around the same price ($17k).