View Full Version : Tyre popped?

25th March 2007, 19:38
blating around a outdoor carpark, and the tyre poped on knee down,,,

one side was fully mutulated, and before it poped was drifting all over the place

cheap tyres or wat?, strange,

James Deuce
25th March 2007, 19:52
I rather suspect this is an attempt to communicate.

I am however wondering why the papacy would be getting involved in minimotos.

25th March 2007, 19:59
What colour smoke would the cardinals signal with if a tyre was made pope? White of course, with a strong smell of burning rubber!

25th March 2007, 20:03
I didn't think Catholic's used rubbers?

25th March 2007, 20:20
Problem: too much air in the fuel tank.
Solution: shim the needles.

25th March 2007, 20:23
At least it didn't poop, that could have been some bad shit.

25th March 2007, 20:25
If a tyre was poped, perhaps Catholicism would gain some traction amongst bikers?

25th March 2007, 20:26
So did it kiss the ground once it was all over?

25th March 2007, 20:36
Q: What do you call a Catholic tyre that runs over rodents?
A: Pope Ratzinger!

25th March 2007, 21:38
I rather suspect this is an attempt to communicate.

I am however wondering why the papacy would be getting involved in minimotos.

`Must spread before giving Jim2 any again'

26th March 2007, 11:48
I am however wondering why the papacy would be getting involved in minimotos.

All the anguished cries of "Jesus Christ", "Holy shit", "Christ" and "Good God" when people first see them?

Oh, and papal involvement aside, it sounds like the tyre went flat and the rim chewed a hole in the sidewall of a less than quality tyre?

26th March 2007, 11:50
I didn't think Catholic's used rubbers?

Only the clergy "to stop evidence being collected" - prosecutus interruptus

The Stranger
26th March 2007, 12:00
cheap tyres or wat?, strange,

Well what were the tyres?

What pressure were you running?

26th March 2007, 14:42
Outdoor carpark, hrmmmmm. High possibilty of smashed glass or something?

26th March 2007, 14:43
Oh, and any pictures????

26th March 2007, 15:02
Alwys a gud lauf when pee pole cant spel.

26th March 2007, 15:30
I kud b rong but rekin itmite avbeen f*ked, lo presha, slo leek mebbe, oltire in bad nic?
luk wiv da mutulited bits eh.

27th March 2007, 18:22
More than likely, a cheap factory fitting of a 5 cent tyre made from melted down chip packets and 2nd hand chewing gum , poured into a mold by some 77 year old countryside farmer who has been working at the tyre factory for 72 years and never worn a face mask to protect his lungs and brain from the processing smoke.

You got the special Chinese quality rear tyre there my friend.

27th March 2007, 23:00
wow you guys are really funny,
sry about the shit spelling, personaly i cant be funked looking in a dictionary and gathering the correct spelling

there the 30 dollar ones that are stock on the 300 dollar chinkers,

glass....dont think so, cause one side *left* of the tyre was fully shredded down to the peachy colored stuff,

*please if your going to be funny and act cool or something do it somewhere else*

cause i gota sort through the shit-talk to find non-funny answers,

Mr. Peanut
28th March 2007, 06:22
How are we supposed to know? Your tyre popped because it did.

28th March 2007, 08:40
if u dont know, is there any point in u saying that, its prolly more usefull of u keeping quite, 18xx posts doesnt mean u gta add your worthles 5 cents
to everythread

28th March 2007, 09:23
was it shredded or did the tyre just peel apart?
Probably once it started going the whole lot just fell to bits, thats the drifting sensation you felt, and as soon as that happened the peachy stuff woulda popped.
Did ya find some nice long bits of rubber on the ground?
I reckon it was some crappy or really old tyres that peeled apart while you were blatting around.

28th March 2007, 10:23
yea it just suddenly showed up, infact i looked at the tyre before i started moto'ing, then within 5 mins it poped, and had major shredding, i think yea just cheap chiker tyre, gota lov em, cheers for your help m8