View Full Version : Flywheel removal?

30th March 2007, 16:05
i want to lighten the flywheel, my nextdoor neighbors a engineer,

it free spins both ways, any technique to remove it?


30th March 2007, 16:54
Yes quite tricky if you dont have the right tool.
You need to lock the crankshaft down so the engine doesnt turn over. Look underneath and just past the flywheel, you may have a small space that you can get a screwdriver into (be careful), slowly turn the engine over until it locks up on your screwdriver then remove the flywheel. Remember some flywheels have a different thread than normal, so its turn clockwise to undo and turn ant-clockwise to tighten.. If no luck you will need the tool, a bike mechanic should have something small enough for this job. Call me if you have any problems, I can walk you through it. 021 159 3500 Shane.

30th March 2007, 16:56
I also got pictures if you need em, so you can see how many fins to remove and which ones.

31st March 2007, 09:09
nah its okay, we made a custom puller, no screwdrivers would of done it,

and we removed every odd tooth, and put it on a weight balancer, all done,
cheers anyway

oh and if i turned it the way u said,
i would of snapped the bolt, same with the sprocket, both normal threads

6th April 2007, 14:55
For future reference best way to lock up small two strokes is to dangle a bit of starter cord down the sparkplug hole and the piston cant get to the top of its stroke but the cord is soft enough to not dammage it (was told this by a husqavarna chainsaw rep).

17th April 2007, 17:07
Or you just get some massive multigrips and grip the flywheel with them:sunny:

18th June 2007, 00:08

You could have just found some 6mm x 1.0mm bolts to thread into the 2 empty holes near the center of the flywheel and slowly tightened them down until they contacted the crankcase...

Another 1/4 turn or so and off pops the flywheel... :yes:

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