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31st March 2007, 08:14
Hi All,

Does anyone know where you can purchase big bore kits for pitties?


White trash
31st March 2007, 08:43
PM Newmannz or whatever he calls himself.

Good bloke, better prices.

31st March 2007, 14:55
Not really many big bore kits that are affordable enough for pitbikes.
We have a 70cc bigbore for the 50cc engines. Once you get into the 110cc or the 125cc theres not much you can do that wont cost you mega bucks. You have to start using the yank or taiwanese made piston kits and get a re-bore done by your local engineer. A rebore in NZ will set you back around $190.00 You can bore out a 110cc engine to fit a 125cc piston kit, you can even use a 125cc head on the 110cc engines. Once you get over 125cc the engines all become vertical cylinders just like a Honda XR, none of those big boys will fit into a standard Pit bike frame without a few mods.

Most guys I know just either buy the 125cc Lifan or the 110cc 3 valve high compression Lifan engines for $480. There are carb upgrades and coil pack upgrades for the 4 strokes, sprockets also.