View Full Version : RAF involved in Hislop crash??

25th August 2004, 19:18
Some people are claiming low flying RAF jets may have been involved in the crash of Steve Hislops Helicopter last year.
See - http://www.iomonline.co.im/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=870&ArticleID=843191

25th August 2004, 23:57
I did spot this - but I wasn't sure about posting it up.

I don't really know aviation law at all, but I'm guessing you have to, as a helicopter pilot, have to post details of your flight paths?

So if the RAF were flying in the area, they would have been informed. Likewise, if there was to be RAF activity, I'm guessing anyone filing flight plans would have been informed?

It was the comment "A couple of RAF jets were seen two hours earlier" - fair enough, but they could have been there on scheduled flights at that time?

That said, I can recall being in a truck years ago, about 4AM (I used to have a friend who was a truck driver and I did a month as 'Drivers Assistant') in the wilds of Norfolk (big, flat, fairly empty county in England) and we were 'buzzed' by a couple of jets using us as 'target practice'.