View Full Version : Motorbike cop: ‘Traffic calming’ costs 500 lives

26th August 2004, 23:57
A police motorcycle officer has claimed that ‘traffic calming’ measures have cost 500 lives.

PC Peter Davidson was commenting on an accident where he was able to reach the scene easily on his bike, but the ambulance also called to the scene struggled to reach the victim due to the traffic calming measures imposed by the local council – a delay that could have cost the victim his life.

PC Davidson says that as the ambulance tried to speed to the hospital, the traffic bumps caused the saline drips to jerk out of the victims arms. Despite the drivers skill and PC Davidson’s warning that another such bump could kill the victim, the ambulance was unable to avoid one last bump and the patient was declared dead on arrival.

PC Davidson says that according to NHS sources, as many as five hundred people lose their lives as a result of delays caused by these traffic calming measures – just as many who have died from speed related accidents. This figure is for London alone.

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