View Full Version : Cameras looking for bikers in Devon and Cornwall (Moko, this is mainly for you)

28th August 2004, 22:47
Mobile speed camera units will be out in force across Devon and Cornwall over the Bank Holiday weekend. They are specifically targeting motorcyclists who are going too fast. All mobile units available to the Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership will be deployed.

Gwyn Hughes, operations manager for the Safety Camera Partnership, said: "Speed cameras are definitely a useful tool in reducing injury collision. They are only part of the armoury open to the Highways Agency and police to achieve that goal of reducing casualties. But while they are working, their use will be continued."

Mike Baker, regional representative of the Motorcycle Action Group, said bikers should not be used as scapegoats for any increase in accidents. He said: "The rise in casualties is not as great as the increase in the number of bikes on the road and bikers are better trained now than they were in the past. But there's always room for improvement for the scope of their training."

Thousands of bikers are expected to attend the South West Motorcycle Show being held at the Westpoint Arena, near Exeter on Saturday and Sunday.

14th September 2004, 06:47
Yeah,I saw that Bob.I`ll be chopping the Fazer in for a traily fairly soon I think because I`ve had so many lucky escapes lately it`s only a matter of time.I`m talking 6 points and a ban stuff here and it just isn`t worth it.O.K so there`s such a thing as self restraint but I dont appear to have a hell of lot of it.
Something else the Police here did that weekend was have 13 Bike Cops out on un-marked bikes pulling bikers over,they weren`t out to nick anyone but were basically giving riders a "bikesafe" type assesment without them being aware of it.The idea was to give advice rather than throw the book at people and suggest to them that they took some kind of training if they thought it nescessary.I saw it on a local T.V. programme and thought it a great idea,shame that the media dont tend to publicise positive police work like that.