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25th April 2007, 16:35
trying to get some minimoto racing up and running in nelson, we have the possibility of running at the local go kart track, similar to the indoor kart tracks in the larger centres.
the owner is dead keen on the idea, but we need to find out how they go about it at similar venues elsewhere, what are the osh requirements etc

is anybody that is involved with minimoto racing able to provide any info

27th April 2007, 17:27
a mate told me a bunch of you nelson lot had a try out on that track out there, ill probably buy one and bring it over if something gets up and going properly, was also gonna look into it over here in blen

29th April 2007, 18:02
news travels fast, will keep ya updated

DVS 69
11th May 2007, 11:37
Anybody know if theres anyway we could start sum mini motard racing here in New Plymouth as we have a awesum go cart track now and it'd be perfect for having sum races at. Ive got a 125cc pitty and would be keen as to throw sum road tyres on and have a blast it'd be great fun !!!!!!

Its hard to find good keen people these days tho and anything thats fun gets knocked !!! I HATE PC :nono: NEW ZEALAND. Bring back the good old "Kiwi's" cos were all forgeting what were about and who we are. Im 100% proud KIWI !!! But NZ is getting farkin worse people.

Anyway if there are keen people in the naki for this maybe pm me an we can get the ball rolling even if we meet at a carpark sumwhere:Punk:

free ridr
20th June 2007, 19:49
i would luv to get into racin my wee thing and im sure one of my m8s would be to if he can get his bike up and runnin. is that track the one that is just out of nelson towards mot?

24th June 2007, 09:17
no, not the redwoods valley go cart track, the club there is, lets say, a bunch of wankers

we are trying for the newly extended track in tahuna, bit smaller and more suited for minis

24th June 2007, 09:52
Try Chris or Glen at Street and Sport in Chch, they run (or used to) at the indoor track in Moorhouse ave so he should know what is required

ph 03 366 2201

re the Kart track wankers, the situation we had in Chch was the Kart club was fine with letting us hire the facilities, the residents association found a clause in the terms of use which meant we couldn't, as they are anti racing and would like the track moved

24th June 2007, 10:01
Some years ago a member of the public (local resident) complained about the Kart Club letting the roller bladers use the track as it was "for Kart Racing only" and got them kicked out.
They have to be very careful because of consents etc