View Full Version : Physicist invents ‘air-conditioned motorcycle’

31st August 2004, 23:50
Physicist Glen Guttman has developed a revolutionary motorcycle air conditioner, an electronic unit powered by a standard motorcycle battery to funnel cold air into a thermal undershirt worn under a motorcyclist's heavy outer jacket.

He said the unit, which works without a compressor, was technologically simple, but "like any simple idea, you have to think it up and then you have to implement it."

The air conditioning unit, a small, lightweight box that fits in the motorcycle's storage compartment, connects by rubber tubing to the motorcyclist's torso.

Guttman said that he and a partner were hoping to move the system into production by mid-2005.

1st September 2004, 08:42
Mr Guttman is obviously lucky enough to ride somewhere were it's warm enough to need said air con.

1st September 2004, 08:51
I thought my bike already was airconditioned! Feeling to hot? Crank up the pace a bit. Very simple and easy to use.


1st September 2004, 12:25
About as useful as a solar powered torch during the day

1st September 2004, 21:38
Yeah I'll keep mine right beside my MC ash tray an my revolving helmet light.
If I can't afford this wonderfull must have invention I'll just have to keep leaving my jacket sleaves undone a hope a bee ain't looking for a home.

1st September 2004, 22:31
You would have to be VERY careful as to where you plugged that rubber hose in to, huh? :killingme