View Full Version : 'Fairer' UK speeding fines proposed

2nd September 2004, 00:43
Motorists caught speeding just above the limit could get a reduced penalty under proposals for fairer fines according to Transport Secretary Alistair Darling. Fines could range from £40 and two penalty points for lesser offences up to £100 and six points for the most serious examples of speeding.

Motoring groups said most drivers would welcome the plan but that circumstances on the road should be considered. The lower penalty would not apply to people speeding in 20mph speed limit areas. These include school areas, hospitals and locations where "vulnerable road users" are likely to be, the Department for Transport said.

“The changes will replace the 'one-size fits all' approach” said Mr Darling will say "We want to ensure the level of the penalty fits the severity of the offence - including a crackdown on the most dangerous offences. The police would continue to enforce speed limits rigorously and motorists will always need to be aware that speeding is highly dangerous and if they are caught they will face a fine, points... and disqualification if they persist."