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8th September 2004, 00:13
"Everybody reacts to bikers in a particular way, either good or bad, and generally it's negative -- they see somebody on a motorbike and black leather and it's always a biker," said Andrew Shaylor, a photographer who spent four years capturing British chapters of the Hells Angels on film.

The images are in a new book on the club and will be displayed at the National Theatre.

During his time with the Angels, Shaylor visited clubhouses across the country, attended weddings and funerals and went on a road trip to the Spanish resort of Benidorm.

Several of the mostly black-and-white portraits play into the image the Angels seem eager to avoid -- bearded men with gold chains and tattoo-covered bodies. But other images show a different side: a man feeding a baby and two laughing bikers, arm-in-arm at a party.

"Everybody is different," said Shaylor. "There are some guys that are very quiet and introverted and some really big characters always making noise and giving opinions, just like normal life really."

9th September 2004, 20:45
Still assholes no matter how their pictured.

14th September 2004, 18:18
There was a documentary on the BBC earlier this year featuring Sonny Barger.Talk about a legend in his own mind,complete tosser.So smart that he kept guns and drugs in his house despite moaning about the police hassling him "for nothing".At least here in the U.K. things have moved on a bit from the 70`s and most of the patch club blokes have grown up and ditched the fancy dress.Still plenty round my way but they keep to themselves and it`s more like a group of mates hanging around together than any kind of organisation now.That and they met with some really bad bastards from down the coast who also now dont wear colours but have evolved into a hardcore criminal outfit.British Angels organise some great bike events here but they`ve never been as bad as foreign gangs since the 70`s.Wear patches or any kind of uniform here and the Police will give you very close attention.
Gang I spoke of earlier come from one of the quietest parts of the country,invest the money they make in pubs,clubs and property and last time the police busted them big-style were found to have connections to the Cali Cartel in Columbia yet were hardly generally known outside of a small part of the country until being featured in best-seller Gangland Britain.They`re still around doing their thing quietly and dont hassle law-abiding citizens while the Angels strut around,throw their weight around to look tough and appear on t.v. shows.

14th September 2004, 18:31
Still assholes no matter how their pictured.

Yep I agree