View Full Version : Bikers kicked out as PM steals their venue

9th September 2004, 00:06
Despite having booked the venue in British Columbia over a year ago for an international rally, a group of Canadian bikers were kicked out so that the Prime Minister could hold a meeting.

Hundreds of bikers from as far away as Japan began the annual Three Flags ride in Mexico last Friday, rolling up through the United States and into Canada during the Labour Day long weekend.

Upon arriving at their final destination, they learned they'd be eating outside the Grand Hotel, whose indoor banquet hall could not accommodate both their event and the federal cabinet meeting. The bikers were forced to hold their annual banquet in a tent in the grounds.

"It's quite a piss-off, to be quite honest," said one of the group "How would you like getting bumped out of something you booked a year ago? ... This is the crappiest friggin' time we've ever had."

"Why the hell do they have to come out here and turn around and spend (money) to come out here to suck up to the West?" said another rider "Stay in bloody Ottawa!"

Once again, bikers get treated as second class citizens Ė so what if the PM wanted the venue? It was booked, so he should have looked elsewhere. Not as if Canada isnít a big country, is it?