View Full Version : Driver-ed students get motorcycle exposure

10th September 2004, 00:29
Californian car driving students will get at least one hour of 'awareness' of motorcycles on the road as part of their training, following the passing of a new bill.

An 8-minute video, "Cars, Motorcycles, and the Common Road," developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will show students the common causes of accidents. Group discussion will follow.

"It was a four-year project but it's finally here," said Joe Komola, the safety and education director of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association.

The bill, known as "Nelly's Bill," was a rallying cry for the motorcycle activists after Nelson Selig of Essex was killed in May 2000 by a 19-year-old driver. "We have been able to turn that tragedy into something that will hopefully prevent other deaths," Komola said.

Now if only something similar could be brought in to driving training everywhere. Anything that raises awareness of bikes has to be a good thing.