View Full Version : Bike-smashing Mum in court

10th September 2004, 00:32
A young mother smashed up her boyfriend’s motorcycle during an argument.

Rhudielyn Midrana tore up Stephen Saunders' clothes, smashed up his motorbike with a plank of wood, hit him with a belt, bit him and threw a knife at him. Mr Saunders needed hospital treatment after being hit by the knife.

Midrana of Maidenbower, England admitted malicious wounding, common assault and causing actual bodily harm and two counts of damaging property. Teresa Hay, defending, told Hove Crown Court: "She is not claiming a long and sustained history of physical abuse but that she felt he was possessive, controlling and she felt bullied by him. The common assault came about because there was an argument over her mobile phone which she thought he was taping. "She lost her temper and threw it at him."

Miss Hay added that the couple had a young child together but did have a 'difficult' relationship, which is now over. She said: "She wants to get whatever help she needs so in the future she can have a happy relationship with a man."

She was sentenced to 100 hours' community work and given a three year rehabilitation order.

But Judge David Rennie told Midrana he could have sent her to prison for the offences. Judge Rennie said: "The most serious allegation that involved throwing a knife during a disturbance is serious enough to justify a prison sentence. However I can't ignore the fact this outburst of temper happened more than three years ago."

Moral: If you are going to have a 'difficult' relationship, for God's sake don't let her have the keys to the garage... :Oops: