View Full Version : Louisiana State law boosts sales of motorcycle helmets

11th September 2004, 00:31
As Motu was so ‘interested’ :Pokey: in the bike sales stats, commenting on ‘helmet sales static’, thought he might be similarly ‘interested’ in the following:

Since Louisiana law makes helmet wearing mandatory, helmet sales are way up, albeit begrudgingly.

According to Roland Thibodeaux, owner of Global Cycles “The majority are buying for the first time. A smaller percentage are buying new ones because their old helmets don’t meet the law’s new requirement.” he said “A lot of them aren’t really upset because there is a law,” he said. “They’re upset because their choice was taken away. Some people I know have said they’re going to sell their bikes because of (the law).”

Showing a rather odd attitude for a bike dealer who has suddenly been gifted a windfall by his State government, Thibodeaux added “Helmets really put limits on visibility and hearing,” Thibodeaux added “Your senses are not as in tune as they normally would be.”

People selling their bikes because they have to wear a helmet and a dealer being upset by the chance to sell a lot more stock?

Only in America…