View Full Version : Illegal bike racers flee right into police custody

14th September 2004, 23:44
Two Malaysian motorcyclists fleeing a police dragnet following an illegal road-race were arrested when detectives on crime prevention rounds offered them “refuge” in their car before driving them straight to the police station. The pair, who are allegedly members of a well-known illegal group of street-racers, pleaded with the officers to help them hide from the police!

Traffic police chief Deputy Supt Wan Aziz Wan Ahmad said the motorcyclists belonged to two notorious illegal racing gangs, the ‘Tiga Bintang’ and ‘Tol gang’.

15th September 2004, 12:50
Stupid is as stupid does. what sort of bikes??

15th September 2004, 20:17
Stupid is as stupid does. what sort of bikes??

I couldn't find anything, but in Malaysia, I'm guessing they'd be small capacity stuff, probably tweaked to squeeze a bit more performance out of them.

(It isn't easy finding out stuff from Far Eastern sources - I still grin when I recall an Indian report about Royal Enfield bringing out a model for the European market, referring to it as "The object of desire" and how powerful REs are... suppose in comparison to a Bajaj Bonnie, they would be, but to the rest of the world? :scooter: ... say no more)

16th September 2004, 08:24
"They call them 'Jackpot' - after the big pay-out the winner stands to gain.
But it's a dangerous game which could claim their lives as they race at

The preferred motorcycles are usually the Yamaha TZM 150, Kawasaki KR 150 and the Honda NSR 150 SP."

250kph? on a 150, hmm.