View Full Version : Protests put bike track in jeopardy

14th September 2004, 23:46
A farmer who started a battle with neighbours by opening a motorbike track on his land could be ordered to close down the new business.

David Forrest built the track two years ago to bring more cash into his beef farming business. But nearby villagers say the noise from the motorbike track at School House Farm, Kiln Pit Hill, near Derwent Reservoir, has made their lives a misery.

Tynedale Council has received 37 letters of objection - and 23 letters of support from users of the track. Despite the mix of public response, the council is expected to refuse planning permission retrospectively, siting noise levels "spoil the natural tranquillity of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty".

Mr Forrest said yesterday that if he was forced to close he would lose out financially and a lot of youngsters would be disappointed "We're only open on Wednesdays during the summer and Sundays year-round. It's a real family day out. Mums and dads come with their youngsters and I'm very health and safety conscious.

"The noise nuisance has been grossly exaggerated. On the nearest properties, it was registering at around 30 to 40 decibels - the cows from the next farm were 65 decibels.

Even if Tynedale planners go along with their officers' recommendations, the track could, in theory, be used for 28 days a year without planning permission.