View Full Version : Concern at traps for motorbikes set on forest paths in Sussex

15th September 2004, 23:59
Police in Sussex have said they are concerned someone could be killed by vigilantes apparently targeting motorcyclists using a path in woodland near Crowborough.

A couple walking their dog in the found a metal wire strung across the path.

Inspector Richard Allum of Sussex Police said: "We are treating this very seriously. If a motorcyclist came along these tracks at 30mph and went through one of these wires it would cause serious injuries if not a fatality.”

David Heritage, who lives near the woodlands, said he had recently found a home-made trap similar to ‘stingers’ used by police to stop cars by bursting their tyres. He said "These home-made ones were just six inch boards with nails driven through and then pointing upwards and covered with leaves and undergrowth across the tracks."

Anyone using these paths, please take care.