View Full Version : My 110cc x18 midbike (soon to be majorly modified)

23rd June 2007, 03:11
hey guys. this is a bunch of pics of my x18. its a 110cc mid/super pocket bike. ive had it run 58mph completly stock. ive had it for like 2 years and im really getting tired of its performance... (not to amazing anymore :D) so im really putting alot into it. im spending close to $600 on it this weekend.

heres a list of what im buying...

-125cc GPX engine with ported head
-Inner Rotor Kit
-26mm mikuni carburator
-performance exhaust
-better shifter
-red billet grips with built in sliders
-yoshimura throttle
-neon kit

but yea... my goal is to be in the 60-80mph range. i want this thing to fly! i ride around with atvs on the road and i get passed everytime and im getting really sick of it. so imma make it to where i can keep up if not beat them:gob: the atv's are a yamaha blaster with goodies.. (i can hold this guy in a race until he hits 5th ;) now) a yamaha 350 warrior with a bunch of parts that shouldnt really be on it lmfoa... (he beats me from the get go) and a suzuki z400 (stock) he smokes me at half throttle...

my real goal isnt to beat them in a drag race but to be able to atleast go the same speed and keep up with them to where they arent always pulling in front of me and im put putin along behind them lol

the best part about this is. they think im rebuilding the topend on my engine now and have no clue about these mods :D:D

its gonna be a fun summer hahaha

pics at the bottom.

btw. my bike now is the silver burgendy and black. it used to be red and black but when i bought the bike it came all cracked up and i didnt have money for new plastics so i bought thoe silver ones from some1 used...

hope you like ;)

23rd June 2007, 05:39
Do you have any specs on the GPX engine and how it is different from stock by any chance? Just curious as I have no clue here...

Should be good reading if you got any of that stuff. :yes:

Rock on bro! :Punk:

23rd June 2007, 07:23
hmmm no specs.. but i can find a site that does.. it pushes around 9hp with a 22mm carb. i have a 26. so im prolly gonna be close to if not higher than 10hp :D

Kyle Finnigan
22nd July 2011, 22:30
Hey man nice bike...wouldn't mind telling me where you bought it from...
Was it imported?....

How much...cheers