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20th September 2004, 05:57
Big event in Brit biking circles,the annual Riderpower survey from RIDE magazine is published in the latest issue.This is a survey of over 10,000 readers with no input from dealers,importers or anyone else connected with the bike trade.The positions are the result of owners rating their machines in various categories including reliability,running costs and ease of maintenance.

Best Sports tourer: BMW R1150RS
Best Tourer: Honda Goldwing
Best budget/Commuter Aprilia RS125
Best all-rounder:Aprilia Tuono
Best Cruiser:V-Max
Best trailie:Honda Varadero(I`d say it`s very debatable as to whether this is a trailie as such but there you go,V-Strom and big GS BMs were in the same category.)
Best sports 600: Honda CBR600RR
Overall winner: Honda CBR1000RR

A couple of interesting things cropped up.In the best 600 sports class the later Triumph TT600 and Daytona came 2nd and 3rd.
Kawasakis took a bit of a hiding and none of their current range came anywhere near top in any category.
Joker in the pack was the old Yamaha YZF750R,last sold in Britain in 1996,which came in at 17th overall,the old FZR600 gave a very creditable showing as well,in fact Yamaha were the only manufacturer to have several deleted models still making the survey so perhaps it`s them and not Honda that should have the "long-lasting" rep.

20th September 2004, 08:02
Next month is the best clothing, best tyres and best dealer section.

This has proved very useful for me - following the fiasco with the dealers I'd been using, the Rider Power survey showed the best London dealer (four years running) to be all of two and a bit miles from me. I never even knew they were there. Been using them ever since and they've been excellent so far.

When the results come out, between the two of us, we'll try to post the best on here.