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30th June 2007, 09:09
Stock 'Chinese' carbs have a very poor surface/shape on the intake side which is restictive to the free flow of air IMO... (If any of you guys got one, You KNOW what I mean here...) This thread is to help guys squeeze the last little bit they can out of their 'stock' carb on their 'chinese' pocketbike without spending a pile of money in the process...

This mod works BTW... :yes:

Many of you guys that read my rantings know how cheap I am... :innocent:

I could not bring myself to spend $10.00 (or more) for the cone shaped grinding bit at the hardware store (and I didn't like the angle on it either FWIW...).

I made this tool using a piece of scrap, 80grit sandpaper, a 'hotmelt' glue gun I bought for a buck at the 'dollar store', and an old stone that I had wore out sharpening mower blades...

I got a buck and 10 min. of my time invested in this tool. Most of the parts were trash... We ARE very 'big' on recycling around my house for sure! :sherlock:

This tool is BETTER than the bits at HomeRepo because I can control the dimensions and angle of the cone and get any sort of bevel I want with it. The angle on this cone can easily be adjusted by simply loosening the hot melt glue with a hairdryer and then resetting the paper. Any old broken drillbit will work for the shaft so long as you use enough hotmelt glue to hold it all securely... (You will need an electric drill as well) :headbang:

The pics below are of the tool and the carb that I ported with it. :cool:

Important: If you hog the carb opening out to the point that you have NO flat surface for the choke valve to seal up against, You WILL have a 'non-working' choke on your carb. You have been properly warned here friends... :innocent:

My son likes it for sure... :yes:

IamCornholio (and I hope this helped someone save a few dollars as that is all I was trying to do here...)

30th June 2007, 09:38
Not ALL 'Chinese' carbs are created equal... :sherlock:

Most all stock carbs have a 12mm bore and a slightly larger slide valve.

SOME 'china' carbs are 'better' and one needs only a good micrometer and some spare time to tell the difference... :cool:

Our 'china' carb has a 14mm bore with a 15mm slide AND it is custom ported by me... 'Cornholio' :yes::cool:

Our 'china' carb is both 'bigger' and 'better' and still as simple as ever to tune and adjust IMHO. :woohoo:

IamCornholio (Lord of the Harvest - Master of the Worm... AKA 'WormMaster J' to my friends here...)

9th October 2007, 15:11
Stock carbs suck in my opinion.Dellorto genuine SHA 15/15..hell even the 16/16 shouldnt be overkill for a cag.