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18th July 2007, 10:52
Hi there, just new here on the forum.
I got myself a toy 8) a 50cc minichopper from trademe, uprated to 110cc and I've had a fun month or so fixing it up and getting it back on the street, and I've had a ride nearly every fine weekend since. I love it. Lots of new skils developing (and a sore right wrist and shoulder :Punk: and not from self love this time :rockon:)
Anyway, I was wondering if there are any clubs or groups around the Wellington region who meet/race/ride etc?

My background: My favourite toy is a black Mk2 MR2 GT, but I must be getting old, it's getting harder and harder to enjoy my '2 on the street (too many cops and too much traffic), and I'm not really prepared to race it (don't race it if you cant replace it:yes:)
So I thought I'd get a bike. But not wanting to kill myself, I thought I'd start small :scooter:
Also planning to take most of the spare parts I have now from the engine swap, Add a new frame, front forks etc and make up a trike for my son and daughter. Should be a laugh!

18th July 2007, 20:12
Hay there mister.
I dont know of any minichopper clubs. They dont lean too good lol great to cruze on tho.. I myself have a mini chopper and a MR2 lol I tryed the chopper on a kart track but couldn't get round at pace cause the chassis hit the ground when cornering so it's just me summer time work hack lol..

You could get one of these and race it at the upper hutt kart track once a month.. I can get you contacts for racing if required.

21st July 2007, 23:24
I looked at racing these bikes but I think I'm too heavy to make it competitive 8)

22nd July 2007, 17:47
I looked at racing these bikes but I think I'm too heavy to make it competitive 8)

How heavy are ya?? I'm round 90kgs and there are guys round the 110kg mark racing these bikes all elce fails get a faster engine lol
My bike is restricted to 100km/h by gearing and gets there quick.... theres a bike for everyone man and it's a real cheep form of motor sport.