View Full Version : 1/4 mile drag day out at Ruapuna

24th July 2007, 07:49
Hi everyone

I am not sure who is keen to go along to the 1/4 mile drag days at ruapuna, but i thought for those that are interested
and didnt know when, i would put the dates up here for everyone.
i will probably be going out to the august one , as i don't know if i will have my bike back for the july date :(
anyway, the dates are as follows:

sunday 29th july 2007
sunday 19th august 2007
sundat 23rd septembet 2007


24th July 2007, 12:28
just had a update from PBDRC about august date. it might not be on, because they are puttin up a new safety barrier wall and they might not have the cables laid back down, by the time the august event comes around.
the september date is definatly on though

30th July 2007, 08:39
another update.
if anyone is deciding to go out and do the drag days you do not need to have full leathers, a helmet and bike to be rego and wof is all that is needed