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24th July 2007, 21:04
Hi All, welcome to the University of Auckland's SMC

Scooter Club was formed mid semester 1 - 2007 at Auckland Uni, starting off with around 15 members and have made some name changes to MADSAM (Mad Scooter & motorcyclists Club) & now SMC (Scooter & Motorcycle Club) and we have just over 92 members including myself as Chair, Nish as Club sec. and Phil as Treasurer.

We have a (once was) weekly, now fortnightly/3-weekly newsletter, the SMC Newsletter which is distributed to our network including our members, enthusiasts, our sponsors & affiliates.

Rides are organised as often as possible, weather permitting & so far, some successful Motorbike cruises but not so many successful Scooter rides.

Our Club does:

-have fun with organising group cruises and track events, bbq's, partys, -promote safety
-increase motorcycle usage
-reduce Auckland vehicle traffic congestion

Our Club committee aims to:

-Network with the motorcycle industry and provide our members with discounts & preferential pricing and certain outlets in regards to servicing, parts, bikes & more!
-Network with ARC to increase motorbike usage in and around Auckalnd CBD

The forum will be used to keep people in the loop regarding cruises, (scooter & motorbikes), get SMC members to join & increase kiwibiker's population & community. When we have rides, be sure to come along, even if you are not a member.

Anything you want to know, If you feel the club lacks something, flick Nish, Phil or myself a message or an email an we'l try our best!

SMC Pres
021 748 224

24th July 2007, 21:23
Wicked (and imagine that in capitals = how excited i am about us being in the clubs part) :) didnt want to put it in caps in case i get another red flag or demerit or whatever!!
Hehe been a bit slack over the holidays but im onto getting the cards sussed for members.

Nish :)

24th July 2007, 21:34
sweetas man, Yeah cards will be good, so will the website.

You any good with Databases for websites??, I will read up eventually, but I want an SMC website that has our profiles, bikes and shit on it, will be cool!

yeah man, i been slack too, working very hard at uni and work, and generally on too many things that I can handle, but least I'm not getting bored, anyway...

shot for the post.

Senior Mods want a justification of why this club space should be put up, so we need to give it to them,

I just circulated the newsletter with this, so hoepfully the flood gates should be opened up... anytime now.......... that trains never late!!

24th July 2007, 22:39
Play nice boys....


24th July 2007, 22:44
92 members :gob: thats awesome dude :first:

25th July 2007, 10:20
sweetas man, Yeah cards will be good, so will the website.

You any good with Databases for websites??, I will read up eventually, but I want an SMC website that has our profiles, bikes and shit on it, will be cool!

That's actually a REALLY good Idea!

For that to work you need some real on to it guy who is willing to donate his services.

Any takers?

25th July 2007, 12:51
Isn't there some way to use the KB system already set up? Thats gotta be easier than starting from scratch...

Anyway when is the AGM/Party ???

25th July 2007, 14:36
im loving the iwebsite to mate!! If no one volenters with any expertise... I can give a go at learning... Sould be able to squeze in a bit of late night designing...

25th July 2007, 14:48
I think to get the most, I think you should change it to

Auckland Universities or something so that bikers from others universities can also join maybe???

Maybe AUT + AU ?

25th July 2007, 14:50
pS; whats the website url ?

25th July 2007, 20:13

-Website design is simple, I've basically done that. Some money will come from our affiliation from Uni, asaih (as soon as it happens) then we can, 1. pay the host 2, buy the domain, 3, publish it, its simple, but the database not quite that simple for simple non techo's like me, folcans bro seems to be the go... we'l see very soon

-AGM/Party, anyone got a spare house they wanna donate for a night?? only 1 night :)

-Yes AUT & UofA could almost unite, AUT students will still be under the parent group SMC affiliated with AUSA but would have its separate little sub council setup to deal with their matters. They would have their say etc at meetings, attend events etc.. but, we will need a a formal okay from AUSA to let AUT members contribute to the club members who are deemed "University of Auckland Students", as we need a balance of 5-1 students of uofa to non students.... i think??

Anyway, watch these spaces-


25th July 2007, 20:17
pS; whats the website url ?

no website url at the moment mate, you can join at our next stand at Uni,
we will keep you posted of the times & dates

$3- for this year

keep watching out for our motorbike & scooter rides, you can attend and join up at one of those provided a committee members is present, with membership form, pen, change.. etc


25th July 2007, 20:18
Play nice boys....


Roger that ;)

25th July 2007, 20:20
Play nice boys....


Roger that ;) and don't forget our girls! We have more in our club than probably any club on here!

whos keen to test that claim???

25th July 2007, 22:31
Hey all.
i know everyone on here's a keen and friendly biker but recently we have been having parking pains at uni coz some bikers are parking awkwardly and taking up a sheet-load of space ie parking parallel to the curb instead of parking perpendicular (which is really stupid anyway)!!! So please be considerate to the others round.

Other than that the clubs all go!!

Nish :)

2nd August 2007, 19:13
Looking forward to the next ride,

add me on msn guys or send me a pm about details about ride info's

Please note I am still learning how to ride as well !

4th August 2007, 23:27
Next ride will probably be next weekend or the following one, will try to aim it at the learner/250 riders then the one after at some of the bigger bikes (250's are of course still welcome on the bigger bike rides, but will have to ride quite hard to keep the pace)