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25th July 2007, 22:46
Will update this post as details eventuate

When & Where: ~9:30am, leaving ~10am Sat, Sun if the weather's crap.
Meet @ the bike parks, we'll be heading North, approx 2-300k trip, so returning around 4pm if its the later (knowing how often nish's ass falls asleep :lol:)
Secondary meeting @ End of the Northwestern, at the gas station 50m on the left just before the roundabout where you can go onto SH16. txt if you plan on meeting us there and we will let you know when we have left uni for it.

Who: All welcome, though scooters may find it hard to keep up :yes: Will be going at open road speed, learners should be fine but best to message me beforehand so i know how many.



p.s. chuck a post in if you think you'll come :)

25th July 2007, 22:58
(knowing how often nish's ass falls asleep :lol:)

Oi!!! I resent that comment and will have you know my ass is very special

25th July 2007, 22:59
Oh and the reason i came here was to let people know about the ride that is being organised by maverick for the sunday (which stephen has already mentioned so i dont really need to).

Nish :)

26th July 2007, 10:19
Are we meeting at the uni gym bike park on saturday?

26th July 2007, 11:04
define scooters as mine should keep up no worries .

26th July 2007, 14:51
Are we meeting at the uni gym bike park on saturday?

Correct 10char

26th July 2007, 15:06
Correct 10char

Cool I will be there. I hope the weather holds. cheers

27th July 2007, 00:46
Oh where abouts you heading? Swinging by the shore or somewhere i can meet ya?

27th July 2007, 09:42
Can you please let us know where you are going and which route your taking? May be able to join in later on or catch up.

27th July 2007, 19:06
I might come, ps can someone pm me the exact location??


27th July 2007, 20:23
First person to tell me when and where we can meet up on the shore can have my locker :yes:

27th July 2007, 21:14
All have mail :yes:

Alternative meeting point will be the Mobil (?) at the end of the North Western. Its on the left (SH16 side)

Flick me a txt if you're meeting us there and ill let you know when we've left uni

27th July 2007, 21:31
broom. brrom.brrrrrooom.
(that's all.)
See you there!

27th July 2007, 21:59
Make it Sat am guys, another big storm forcast to arrive Sat night. Just for your planning info...

27th July 2007, 22:13
should be back by mid afternoon :yes:

28th July 2007, 00:07
Brrrr... weather looks dodgy, but well c how things go... amazin how we get all the bad weather on the weekend and when were indoors workin/ studyin its all sunny n bright.... C u at the Caltex opp. Burger Fuel in Albany at 1pm tomrow. Gnite.

28th July 2007, 08:45
C u at the Caltex opp. Burger Fuel in Albany at 1pm tomrow. Gnite.


Uni or @ the end of the North West, wont be going by albany for another few hours :yes:

28th July 2007, 08:45
A bit foggy at the moment but that will lift, blue sky is above it.

See you @ the meeting points :yes:

28th July 2007, 19:00
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa
so how was the ride?