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28th September 2004, 03:15
I started riding bikes here in Seoul, and the comet is my third bike, but my first 250 after a couple of 125cc 4 strokes.

I like the comet at lot, but as I mentioned above I don't have a lot to compare it to.

My bike is unmodified. I've thought about a sports exhaust but I don't think it would do much unless I played around with the carbs, so I haven't bothered. Mine just has the single front disk too, but its 300mm or so and it has a twin piston caliper so the bike still stops alright.
It redlines at 11000 and cruises at 100kph at 6000rpm. Decent power from 4000 to 8000. Holding on to 9500 is worthwhile but the last 1500rpm are a bit pointless.
17 litre tank so it's got a decent range.

Over here Comet 250s are pretty cheap. about NZ$4000, and a bit more for the version with the twin front disks (Comet 250 S). The 650 is about NZ$7300.

Good things:

Nice engine. It's really smooth and torquey, starts first pop every time, and you can ride off immediately. doesn't seem to need the choke either

Good Styling: From most angles I reckon the bike looks really great. I'm not to sure about from the front quarter view though. It really needs a fairing to fill up that gap between forks and frame I reckon, but I think that about lots of naked bikes

Good suspension: meaty 41mm upsidedown forks in front (I've never bottomed them out, maybe a tad on the firm side for me) and a seemingly decent monoshock on the back. I do a lot of two-up riding and I've never bottomed that out either.

Riding position: I'm almost 6'4" and I'm comfortable on the bike. The Comet is full-size so that suits me. The seat's a bit hard though.

Not so good things:

Gearbox: it took a while to get used to because the 1-2 change up won't happen unless the revs are high enough. No worries now though, and it's smooth-as if you change at 4000 or above.
I've given up trying to find neutral and if I want a break while I'm at the traffic lights I just switch it off.

Finish: Maybe the newer bikes are better in this regard but on mine the fins on the engine are patchy and I have a few rusty bits on the frame and a few of the minor fittings.

Overall I think it is a very nice bike and I grab any chance to jump on it and go for a ride. I would buy another one but it's the 650 I want now :soon:

28th September 2004, 03:51
Good comments on the bike. Personally, I'm not sure you'll get much out of sticking on a sports pipe - I'd say you'd be better off looking to get stickier tyres (given the Comet range is very much based on the SV range - and SVs love having sticker rubber on board).

As for the problem with finding neutral at the lights, try giving the throttle a little 'blip' with the clutch held in and then try to click it into neutral. I get this problem sometimes with my SV650S and this seems to do the trick.

Failing that, sometimes just rocking forwards a little might help.