View Full Version : Scooter Racing-Mt Wgtn Kart Track, Auck.

5th August 2007, 12:58
Hi everyone,

Once a month there is scooter racing at Mt Wellington Go-Kart Track.
There are a wide range of riders from novice to very experienced. Everyone has fun and lots of laughs.

Practice day is Saturday and Sunday is racing for points.
The next meeting is the 11/12th August.
Sign on is 8.30am both days.

Safety gear is required.
Full face helmet,
Leathers or cordura jacket and pants,

Cost is;
Saturday practice, free for AMCC/MNZ members. All others $20 full day.
Sunday, First time on track..free. $30 thereafter and you will have to join AMCC/MNZ to enter the racing.
Any questions please feel free to ask.

Spectators are free entry.

7th August 2007, 09:24
Pass, might come have a look though :yes:

8th August 2007, 00:58
Dam I would have liked to have gone to this....

Pm me when the next race meet is on, I'll bring the camera next time!

Am racing at the drags in Meremere Sunday!

9th August 2007, 21:13
Will let the club know about this aye...we have like 50+ scooter riders so im sure a lot of em will be keen to hit a track and find out what 75kph feels like :D

10th August 2007, 16:45
im sure a lot of em will be keen to hit a track and find out what 75kph feels like :D

Probably as scary as 100 on a GN! :lol:

19th August 2007, 00:47
Probably as scary as 100 on a GN! :lol:

on the way back from the agm i was going along the north western in gale bloody winds. let me tell you speed wobbles at 130kph are NOT fun.

didn't slow down though:D

Big Dog
8th January 2008, 00:11
This still happen?
If so when is it on next?

8th January 2008, 14:55
Oooooh oooooh, I'll be there again! I took my KTM to the last race meet in December and had a wicked time!!!!!!!! (Even though I binned and then blew my engine).

Please confirm the date for the next meet. Last I heard it was sometime in Feb?

The scooters went pretty hard and tended to bin the most - but nothing serious cause the track doesn't allow you to go very quick (my max recorded speed for the day was 88kph).

KTM is almost rebuilt now and I'm getting some frame sliders and bark busters to save her next time. Just gotta get some tyres to prevent another slide:cool:

Here's my 2 cents from the last meet for anyone thinking of going: