View Full Version : Indian biker attacked by dogs

30th September 2004, 00:17
A biker in Ahmedabad, India, was chased and attacked by a pack of stray dogs after falling from his motorcycle. Besides severe bites on his right leg, he received a fractured elbow.

To add further pain to his injuries, it was necessary for the biker to receive a series of rabies shots.

According to local welfare organisations, the stray dog population in the city is estimated at some 80,000 animals and local hospitals are receiving 50 new cases of dog bites every day. It was also reported that nearly 100 patients visit the rabies ward daily for anti-rabies vaccinations.

So if anyone is planning a road-trip to India, whatever you do, stay away from any stray dogs. But if you do go and are bitten, get treated quickly. Dr Omkar Chaudhary, Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) says victims should get vaccinated within 48 hours of being bitten as the rabies virus transmitted from the dog’s saliva has a life of 72 hours. If not treated within 48 hours, the victim is bound to contract the disease.

You have been warned…