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30th September 2004, 05:33
Three-time Paris-Dakar rally winner Richard Sainct has died. The French motorcyclist was involved in two crashes on the fourth stage of the Pharaohs Rally in Egypt. The second proved fatal.

The alarm was raised when fellow competitors reached the scene.

"Sainct was transported unconscious but alive to the mobile clinic. Shortly after being admitted he died" said race organiser Massimo Garbaccio "The body was transported to the hospital at Siwa and then to Cairo. We're all very shocked."

His KTM team withdrew from the Pharaohs Rally following his death and released the following statement:

"KTM regrets to announce the death of three-time Paris-Dakar winner Richard Sainct. Our thoughts are with Richard's family."

30th September 2004, 05:44
R.I.P Richard ...

30th September 2004, 11:22
Man that sucks. Do you know wut caused the accident?

30th September 2004, 18:01
Local guy(to here)and all-round riding god John Deacon,works BMW P-D rider died a few years ago.I always thought it ironic that he`d probably have got mobbed in Paris yet could walk through any city-centre in Britain un-recognised by most.Very nice bloke with his feet on the ground,despite all the fame and acclaim heaped on him in continental Europe he preferred to run his bike shop catering for locals when he wasn`t racing.

30th September 2004, 19:48
Man that sucks. Do you know wut caused the accident?

I understand there were no witnesses at the scene, it was not until fellow competitors reached the scene that it was realised and the alarm was raised.