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18th August 2007, 15:21
Hey guys, im about to buy my first bike and have done a little bit of research but can anyone tell me what kind of bike this is and if it's any good.
The owner i spoke to could not tell me much except it was made in china, thought it might be a b1 rep mt-a4 but unsure as it seems a little cheap.
Thanks in advance



18th August 2007, 15:28
you want a pocket bike as your 1st bike?

sorry i dont know anything about that one!

where in hawkes bay are you?

18th August 2007, 16:36
Ive had road bikes, was meaning my first pocket bike :)
Im in hastings

Have been looking at a Daytona b1 (2nd hand), or this but either way im paying the same price


18th August 2007, 17:20
Hi yes it is a B1 rep.. the price is about right, abit on the high side maybe there is a importer in Hastings that I can put you intouch with he also has set up monthly meets at the kart track (fern hill) first one being 8-9th of september if ya keen

18th August 2007, 17:27
Hey, that would be really good thanks mate

18th August 2007, 17:34
Sweet as his name is Kerryn 0273485295... he should have a couple kicking round.. Catch ya at the track for some racing :)

24th August 2007, 20:30
Yes correct its a B1 Relica. These are quite good bikes because they use many of the newer preferred parts, like heavier grade front forks. Personaly I am old school and found the Chinese B1 frame a little on the heavy side for what was required, but if you like the full fairing model and your ass is not too big, this is a great entry level water cooled sports bike.

Again, there are many Chinese factories making this model of bike. If it is new make sure you check it out first. Go for a test ride and make sure the radiator doesnt boil over (common problem on cheap versions using non OEM engines.. its an easy fix, just replace the O ring water pump belt)

Check for water leaks, and adjust the brakes before you ride..hehe.. if the bike can run for 30 minutes and all is sweet, its a goodun.

Hold on for your life, it may be small but make no mistake, these water cooled bikes are in a world of their own, absolutely madness !!! :devil2: