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28th August 2007, 18:12
So when you guys said that there were heaps of cops between whangarei and waipu i thought you were exaggerating....obviously i was wrong

In fact there really are heaps of cops between whangarei and waipu...one of whom caught me doing 120 (apparently i was doing 130 but he clicked me at 120) about 20 secs out of whangarei (and this was the first time i had sped the whole trip) doh :pinch:

so i now have a $170 speeding ticket.....fine

what really gets me is that the prick wudnt even let me off with a warning even after i had truthfully told him the reason for my speeding and that it was not for fun or whatever

i explained that i have had not sleep last night as i was helpin a mate setup at his place and then ended up bummin round, also that me and my bro have been riding for almost 4hrs with about 20mins of breaks in total, a combination of which meant that i was wasted....so the guy breathalised me :baby:

then i explained that this lapse in concentration and the downhill gradient of the road had caused me to give more throttle than i had intended and this had caused me to speed...i also told him that i have never recieved any traffic infringement of any kind and that i generally observe due dilligence in making sure i observe the road rules (:Oi: stop laughing)

although this sounds like me just bitching coz i got caught n am now $170 outta pocket its much more than that....

ive heard of people making up bs stories and gettin away with warnings so how (and when) did the truth lose its value??

28th August 2007, 18:20
Although police do have the power of discretion, they've heard all the excuses before - both true and... well... not so true. It'd be very hard to figure out which is which so I'm sure most don't even bother.

Anyway, I don't think telling him that were only speeding because you were wasted and couldn't stay focused was the best idea...

28th August 2007, 18:27
SHucks...sorry to hear about that. $170 bucks....that is a lot of money. Looks like we going to have to be easy on the throttle this Saturday.

28th August 2007, 18:27
Yeah the "truth" you told would have had him thinking you weren't in a fit and proper physical condition to be riding at all.

28th August 2007, 18:35
:doh: Always sucks to loose money like that :no:

28th August 2007, 18:54
The Northland curse continues... it's becoming an expensive region for our little club!

28th August 2007, 19:11
yea all gud points i guess....prolly dum of me to say that i was in pretty poorr condition to be on the road...the adrenaline from the ride up was just startin to wear so i was sorta coming down too....

wonder if ther's a story that works more than often....

guess im a bit cross at the cop coz he was a dick :P lol wish it had been a biker cop that had seen me....a quick flash of the headlights and he'd be on his merry way and i wudda slowed down

the Curse is upon us man n yea like kim sed, we gotta take it slow this weekend...

thers no way in hell im gonna be speedin up ther if i take charge of lead pack

28th August 2007, 20:33
Hi there

Bugga on the ticket... I was booked doing 120k the other day and it cost me $120... Wonder if he hit you for more than the 20k over the limit?

Bit of a wake up call. Easy to do tho'



28th August 2007, 21:59
Mr excuses guy, just take it as it comes buddy... the the longer you keep him around the more fines he'll be looking to give ya

28th August 2007, 22:15
the Curse is upon us man n yea like kim sed, we gotta take it slow this weekend...

thers no way in hell im gonna be speedin up ther if i take charge of lead pack

Reminds me, on my way back from last Sat's ride (after getting the puncture sorted) I was approaching the hill before Waiwera hotsprings and was behind a car and a paddy wagon. They were traveling 80-90kph so I indicated and started overtaking the two in one foul sweep (but sticking to 105kph as I went past the paddy wagon). Just as I managed to pull along side the cops (it was taking me a while at 105kph) the white centre line changed to a dotted line and then a double yellow line! I didn't see it coming cause it was dark and I had my tinted visor on from what was supposed to be just a day ride turned saga from the puncture.... By the time I had indicated left and pulled in (in front of the cop) the double yellow line must have been going for a good 50-100 metres and I was expecting to see blue and red lights, but fortunately they decided to turn a blind eye.

A pretty tame encounter with the cops by all means - but it could have been the perfect send off to a shocking day of towing and new tyre costs!

BTW: you can pick up an X50 and weather proof case for just over $500 now. And I've seen petrol tank cap radar holders on Trademe for around $50. After my rear shock, I think this will be my next spend up.

28th August 2007, 23:37
$170 bucks is cheap considering there are some learners on kiwibiker who are prepared to waste $400 bucks per time for not displaying an 'L' plate.
But it is money for nothing and really hurts at the time, it reminds us all to think with our wallets in mind, and watch the demerits don't catch you out over a 12 to 24 month period, that is what can really hurt.

29th August 2007, 11:43
guess im a bit cross at the cop coz he was a dick :P lol wish it had been a biker cop that had seen me....a quick flash of the headlights and he'd be on his merry way and i wudda slowed down

Yeah what a Dick!!!! Ticketed you for 120 in stead of 130. What a Dick indeed.

Maybe you should count yourself lucky, it's idiot posts like this that make it even less likely that they will show a little descretion in the future.

Don't you know that the police follow this forum!!!

29th August 2007, 12:17
...i was wrong...the prick...i explained...i observe the road rules... (:Oi: stop laughing)

Yip that's the boys in blue up this way...are you saying they operate differently elsewhere?

29th August 2007, 12:31
Don't you know that the police follow this forum!!!
I thought the police had been busted for logging on to porn on the internet.

29th August 2007, 12:32
... this sounds like me just bitching ....

So let me recap:

You were speeding
You got caught speeding
You admitted to him you were speeding
You got a ticket for speeding
You are angry because he gave you a ticket for speeding.

And somehow that's the copper's fault?

29th August 2007, 12:40
In answer to your question about discretion. Since the two arsholes posted discretion on youtube (English Tourists) discretion is now extinct in case the coppers are being videoed.

Don't speed unless you can afford it is now the order of the day.

29th August 2007, 14:40
So when did this exactly happen Nish?

29th August 2007, 14:45
Check this out Bomma


29th August 2007, 14:51
So when did this exactly happen Nish?

It happpened yesterday. He was checking out the route we are going this saturday.

29th August 2007, 22:15
Gotta get a radar dude,the money's one thing but the points linger...bugger!

30th August 2007, 16:45
Gotta get a radar dude,the money's one thing but the points linger...bugger!

yea im a poor student and can only get one thing at a time (and even that takes aaaaaages) this is my current list in order of most to least important:

1) Alcohol
2) Servicing (just bout to hit 35k)
3) Trip to India at the end of year (bought ticket but need spending money)
4) Alcohol
5) Exhaust System
6) Im lookin to go on that trip that Gixxer 4eva is organising to Oz
7) Alcohol

so yea....

oh and did i mention alcohol??

30th August 2007, 23:56
Mr excuses guy, just take it as it comes buddy... the the longer you keep him around the more fines he'll be looking to give ya

last semester i got caught doing over 140kph on the north western. i didn't see the cop till he pulled out from his hiding place, but either he was slow on the radar or a reasonable person; it went a little like this:

cop: what're in such a hurry for?
me: i'm late for a lecture
cop: where?
me: at auckland uni
cop: what are you studying?
me: engineering... look mate i'm really broke -

then the cop goes (with my licence) into his car, sits there for ten bloody minutes as all the cars i've passed go on by, and finally comes out;
"i'll be ticketing you for 129kph, you can see the radar if you like"
me: "nah, i can live with that"
cop: ok then, that is $230 and 40 demerit points, sign here blah blah blah

and i continued on to my lecture to get there 30 minutes late (and i would've only been 10 minutes late if it wasn't for him)

lucky: had he stung me for the 140 i would've lost my licence:sweatdrop

i've got no issue with the ticket. i WAS speeding, and ultimately because i slept in - so it's entirely MY fault. as such a paid a week later, about 5 minutes after getting my tertiary account set up with interest free overdraft :D

so don't make excuses. if you're too tired to watch your speed you're too tired to be safely riding a bike (or driving a cage)

oh and did i mention alcohol??

good to see uni costs were on that list lol. i'm looking to buy a radar detector. with only 20 demerit points to go i think it'll be a wise investment.

(my OTHER ticket was an unmarked car, parked on an empty sidestreet in a new subdivision where they hadn't even finished building houses yet. i was not a danger to anyone, AND i was simply checking my wheel balance on the smooth seal. again he fined me for way lower than what i was doing, but still alot)

The Tazman
31st August 2007, 00:07
Although police do have the power of discretion,

I'm sorry but I find that very hard to believe these days. I would like to believe it but I think that has been taken away from them.

I have to agree that it wasn't the best thing to say you'd had little rest and were wasted!!

31st August 2007, 05:05
Take some hard pills!

31st August 2007, 08:14
Sure as heck would not have told the cop you were fatigued as well as speeding, especially not as an excuse for speeding.

31st August 2007, 11:10
sory bout dat mate... sh!t hapens!!!
ive been told by some of my mates who r tranin 2 becom cops....
dat a cop must issu some what around $10000 per shift. thats sh!t loads of kiching!! (mony) dat insurs dat they work rather than bum a round in there fancy new holdens.... priks!!!!!!!!
and a nother thing, i dont no if dats normal... but the othr day i sow this cop in a marked car driving round with blue and red lights flashing... the point, he was doing all this stupid sh!t. he would speed paset me den pull over make a u-turn drives back pulls into this carpark then dos some more stuped sh!t i couldn see exactly but da lights where movin round like.... i dono but it was f**ked up...then turns a round gos back on the main road.this all hapened at pakuranga highway. it was the funiest or may be oddest thing iv ever seen in my 20 years on this planet!!!
dono if he was chasin any one cos i for one didnt c any one eaks doing what he/she was doing.
for all i no he was probibly chasin his shadw!!!

31st August 2007, 19:05
i was chasing my brother home from work today and a cop drove past us doing over 70k in the median strip, passing between cars and traffic islands.

sure enough we met 3 cops in as many Ks. good thing i told him to slow down incase the first cop called his buddies

31st August 2007, 19:27
Take some hard pills!


i wasnt actually worried about the ticket and still aint worried about it....overdrafts will take care of it just fine :2thumbsup

now that i read over what i said i realise that the truth (about being tired and having experienced a lapse in concentration) wasnt the best idea....

shudda just tld him that my flatmates just called n said that the house is on fire or sumthing so i was rushing back :lol:

thers another thread going with a similar gist...but larger scale than just my ticket....should check it out, macstar has posted a link on pg 1??