View Full Version : WHO'S KEEN? - ride tomorrow (2 September)

1st September 2007, 19:16
basically, i missed out today, and i know a few of you work saturdays, so who wants to go on a ride tomorrow?

(tomorrow being sunday 2nd sept)

1st September 2007, 19:24
i wish i could bud..have fun tomorrow who evers goin..!:scooter:

1st September 2007, 19:35
i don't think the weather is lookin to hot for tomorrow however if you guys do decide to go i would recommend taking the same route we did today, those 35k/hr twisties are great!!!!

Good luck if ya'll do go out!

1st September 2007, 19:39
i m keen but going a different direction would be nice, some good roads down south too

1st September 2007, 20:23
i was thinking a shorter ride, anyone done the road to waiuku down south of auckland? fast paced with nice sweeping corners

or maybe do sh16 up past parakai to the south head; few cars, fewer cops

though it looks like showers in the morning...

1st September 2007, 21:00
i do the road to waiuku and southhead quite a few times, but in the cage cos thats where i used to play airsoft pretty much every weekend. road to waiuku is pretty busy but yeah out to southhead is quite mint out that way. waiuku is very heavily policed though, i got busted out there in the cage once

1st September 2007, 22:09
I will surely bin my bike if I go on another trip tomorrow....
I'm just absolutely TIRED..... lol

Good luck on your ride tomorrow~ :)

1st September 2007, 23:42
Hey I'm keen with 3 others, meet where at 10am? at symonds street Gym outside Uni, 10 am, sweet?

2nd September 2007, 00:51
Hey I'm keen with 3 others, meet where at 10am? at symonds street Gym outside Uni, 10 am, sweet?

sounds good, but don't be surprised if i'm late - might pay to hang around till 10:15 and have a chat/perv each other's bikes

027 4054213 - txt me if you're coming or we'll leave without you!

we'll go up south head - less cops and less traffic

2nd September 2007, 01:10
I would love to but will be at Pukekohe with AMC first meet of the season.
Have a good ride .... south head is good

2nd September 2007, 01:35
hey, i'm the guy organising sunday's ride.

txt me 0274054213 if you're coming and we won't leave without you.

meet 10am-ish at the gym on symonds street, it's opposite the engineering skool, downhill from princes street (over/underpass) and uphill from grafton rd (NOT the bridge). i don't think the gym has a sign, so it's kinda a bad spot for those who don't know about it lol

plan is to go up the south head - all the way until gravel

cya there:headbang:

2nd September 2007, 07:30
any excuse for a ride, yep i'll come for a doodle

2nd September 2007, 10:02
where is everyone?? i am sitting on my bike outside the gym and have only scooters around me and my bike is feeling lonely

2nd September 2007, 15:36
great ride guys, and man dan is lucky he didn't drop his bike on that corner