View Full Version : Blindfold bike speed record tops 100mph

7th October 2004, 23:49
Nick Manning of Cambridge has smashed the blindfold bike speed record. He reached an average speed of 106.32mph, beating the previous record of 89.9mph at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire.

Manning had to cover 0.6 miles blindfolded, which takes around 10 seconds. He said " When I put my visor down everything went really calm and then the radio started to feed information through, telling me what to do and where to turn.

"That was when it got difficult because I was trying to process the information they were giving me but it got to the point where it was information overload and I didn't know what I was doing for a second or two. It's also harder to steer the bike with your body when you can't see because every movement feels more exaggerated. It's quite scary.

"The best bit was finding out I had completed it. I thought my first attempt was invalid because I had put my visor up too early, but it turned out I hadn't. I am really proud that I actually did it."

Manning raised over 2,000 for British Blind Sport, which organises events for blind and partially sighted people.