View Full Version : Ride 18 Sep- 19/20/21?

18th September 2007, 13:53
Hey fellow students

My struggles with the UOA won't be resolved till Friday 21 Sep (I haven't had the green light on my thesis yet and have done about as much prep work as I can). Anyway that's beside the point...

Anyone want to clear off for a day or two or three? I have accom in the Coromandel so that could be the place to go but I'm flexible. Take your books if ya want!

18th September 2007, 14:48
Aahh err... I really want to but I've got this darn Programming Test on Thursday :(

18th September 2007, 15:11
Why weekdays? Some of us have to work....I think I will leave it for another day but I am looking forward for Rotovegas...

18th September 2007, 16:41
If you want to go for a quick burn for a 2 hours I'd be keen but anything more, you gotta start paying.. haha...

18th September 2007, 16:59
Could be keen if a few more ppl wanna go, was gonna go skiing but the weather looks shit

18th September 2007, 17:04
...The ride depends on. Few hours, I could join you :)

18th September 2007, 17:38
Ok well, PM me if you're keen. I'm sitting around daily ready to go for a ride.