View Full Version : 12-inch tyre puncture

1st October 2007, 13:59
Ok ,so Ive got a flat on me new pitbike its 12*3 tyre and I see I can get a tube for it for 12$ 50/50racing.
Do I need to get a pro with a tyre machine to fit it or can I fit it with a tyre lever like a bmx puncture
can you suggest any other options?

1st October 2007, 17:46
That sucks,
Its nothing like a bmx bike because on a motorbike and car there are beads on the tire which are tight and need to be forced of the rim.
Head down to a car tire shop, like a private owned one because places like beaurepairs charge heaps and just give them the tube if you already have it and they should fit it for $10-20 max. Or just offer them a box of beer.
Don't do levers unless you know what you are doing, the smaller the tire the harder usually.

1st October 2007, 20:19
Hey thanks BASSTREBLE Im gunna pick up the tube tomorrow. So Ill just take it to the man and pay the price!. I finally got hold off 50/50racing and they said go to Davy motors on Morrin rd pamure if anyone wants to know

14th October 2007, 10:03
Welcome to the joys of spoked wheels mate. Hope you remembered to tighten all your spokes after the first 30 minutes, then again 1 hour later.. Its the most common cause of Pit Bikes rims breaking. Most people who sell them dont even tell you the basic maintainance procedures cause those things got no warranty, gotta take care of them.. Also get your tappets re-set after the first 2-3 hours of engine time. Standard setting as per Honda CT110 or CT185.