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1st October 2007, 14:57
Sorry guys for probably posting in the wrong forum but being post classic based I thought I'd start here.

I have had my 78' Z1R since 1990 or so! 56000K and riden regularly. Want to give the old girl a bit of a spruce up so going to order decals and paint it.
I can get a new seat cover and strap for it but the old seat foam is gettin a bit soft. Doubt if I could ever find an original seat (have emailed Kawaman) though.

Does anyone know if there is anywhere it can be refoamed back to original or can this not be done?

1st October 2007, 15:01
we can refoam it to suit your needs, and make up a new cover.

check link in my sig

1st October 2007, 15:03
i had a Z1R years ago, they wernt known for being comfortable when they were new

1st October 2007, 15:26
JImjim-- Comfort was not an issue a few years ago when the foam was ok. I can also add my padded fox mx shorts under my leathers if I want. I just want it back looking original. Its in very very good original condition. Just needs a freshen up. Ordered the pillion strap from Z power already.
Was about to order a pressed seat cover from http://www.z1parts.net/catalog/index.php?cPath=27 but will give Cajun a PM first. Thanks for your help so far guys.

James Deuce
1st October 2007, 15:35
PM MSTRS about decals.

If you want paint done it is worth shipping it to Wellington to get crazefox to do it.

1st October 2007, 15:41
Thanks Jim2 will contact Mstrs.
I did get the name of a good painter from Mike at Mt eden. Not sure if I wanna let my tanks (Touring and coffin) and plastics out of my sight all the way to Wellington??

Keep the good contacts coming guys!

3rd October 2007, 14:12
Mstrs was Very helpful thanks a bunch mate!

Pic of the bike seat for Cajun.

3rd October 2007, 14:16
you got any pictures per say looking from the back more toward the dash, so see bit more of the seat?

31st October 2007, 23:34
ok got another question guys.

METALLIC STARDUST SILVER is the colour. Does anyone know where to get the code so I can get some paint made up or is there somewhere I can go for it.

Got the new seat cover, New Indicators (for the 4 lenses), and strip kit from the USA. Stripped all the stripes off now. The tank ones where painted on I hope the new kit looks the same. Whole pile of bits from Z power as well. Clutch kit, air filter, cables etc. Carbs are off at Alec for new jets and gaskets etc.
Not a full resto as I want to keep it as original as poss but a good tidy up.

But need the colour for the painter. Wanna try and get it done for the cheesegrator run.

Thanks in advance all!

31st October 2007, 23:44
Mstrs was Very helpful thanks a bunch mate!

Pic of the bike seat for Cajun. Very nice bike mate,the other day a set of dvds turned up that i had ordered awhile back,they were made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Marlboro road race series,theres some awesome footage of crosby racing one with great success against some world class factory backed bikes in 78.