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6th October 2007, 16:35
Well thanks to Newmanz, I am the proud rider of a new beastie to the stable! Shane cannot be a more professional and service driven chap ... not only did he gas and oil up the new ride, he spent the time to also ensure that it was all tickety-boo...

Especially after the farf'n around customs/MAf/cartage companies notwithstanding!

Anyway, been giving it a bit of a run-in today and feeling out the differences between my older ride and the new one ...

It's like night and day, better response, handling, braking and speed - it's early days yet so will be putting in more comprehensive riding! :msn-wink: :scooter:

The cosmetic things are like the twin clear screens for the front, anodised pegs (yeah yeah, but it counts as bling!), kill switch on the left handlebar and a more robust throttle grip and triple clamp set-up.

So, zeocen drops around to give me a hand to pull it out of it's metal shipping frame from the car and we have a little play on it! In the photos below you can see them compared side by side. :scratch:

The MiniDuck (as I now call it) has CNC alloy frame, a shite load of japanese componentry, twin front brakes and steering dampener. The build quality is much higher than my other ride though we found out that the chinese manufacturers did the usual cheat and cobbled together two lengths of tubing for the coolant and hose clamped them together (figures!)

Thanks to Shane (Newmanz) putting in that something extra and is a mine of information and useful tech tips! :niceone:

6th October 2007, 16:43
Now zeocen is not the shortest guy around, seeing him on one these is always a clear way to much hilarity! Give him his dues, he's keen as mustard and always gives it a go on these things ...

Pic1 : Grid is green
Pic2 : Accelerating clear of pack
Pic3 : Lapping the rear stragglers
Pic4 : Victory! It smells like two-stroke oil and sweat!

Now just have to wait for zeocen to post his piccies of me up! :Oi:

And yes, we are now more ATGATT compliant, twice as toasty is better than skin being roasty!

6th October 2007, 17:07
haha... that is so cool!!! way to go!!

(maybe I should get fb one of them... shes only little :lol:)

8th October 2007, 18:51
Yea, you two are definitely insane! Now I want one :(

8th October 2007, 20:08
Well it took a couple of days, but here is the video... notice how there's something stuck infront of my face, behind the helmet in those pictures? Yeah, it was for this. (Pocket bike action starts from about 3min in)


8th October 2007, 22:26
Whoah! Another one?! Is this any quieter? I've only just been able to hear the muted horns in the middle of Debussy's Nocturnes - II.Fêtes after you rode the other one around the block >_<

9th October 2007, 19:54
Yea, you two are definitely insane! Now I want one :(

Hoi, who invited you?

Damn, there goes the neighborhood!

9th October 2007, 19:59
Damn thats a cool looking minibie mate, looks better than my bike, probly goes faster too. =)

9th October 2007, 20:45
Hoi, who invited you?

Damn, there goes the neighborhood!

Zeocen did it. Blame him, 100%.

9th October 2007, 21:06
I just have to add hydralic brakes and a NOS system now...

9th October 2007, 22:17
Oooh, I might be able to buy a new Duke for Jamie after all that won't break the bank, I'm sure he'd be excited until he'd realise that it's a tiny wee one.

DVS 69
10th October 2007, 09:09
Hey GiJoe cool little bike :2thumbsup .......................... How much are these little things worth ?? Would they handle 95kgs :(

10th October 2007, 11:57
Hey GiJoe cool little bike :2thumbsup .......................... How much are these little things worth ?? Would they handle 95kgs :(

I weigh 105kgs so they can handle it just fine! Try not to run them over too many bumpy things though (hard on the 'nads!)

As fer cost, this is a one-off brought into the country - the other one came in about $450 and is still freak'n fast! I'm running it in to see how well it stands up and giving feedback to Newmanz to see if it's worthwhile for him to get them in en masse (and initial response is ... hell yeah!)

10th October 2007, 12:30
I just have to add hydralic brakes and a NOS system now...

Sounds like fun. There was a guy in Oz with one of those 125cc pit bikes. Road legal, go-fast goodies, extended swingarm and NOS, next thing on the list was a small supercharger. He reckoned it was just the thing for blowing past sportbikes at the lights, up to 50km anyway. :headbang:

10th October 2007, 14:13
lmao Is that a camera in Zeochen's mouth? lol

14th October 2007, 10:10
Haha.. cool glad you like it. I'm still running my one in, damn they are loud, I will say. Mines not a sweet as yours (previous model) but I am looking forward to lining it up. I had a race with the BLATA reps and totaly owned them, i would say once power ban kicks in must be atleast 25% to 40% faster.

I used that gear oil that came with the bike, just undo the nut on a level surface, squeeze it in and wait for it to overflow, leave bike a few minuted and put the screw back in ( screw has a copper washer..left hand side).

Anyway, thanks for getting me told off by the storage owners haha... now I can only ride in the carpark next door, aparently someone was riding a very loud very fast RED pocketbike down their main drag !!! All good.

Next trick is to strap on the sliders and try master the one handed donuts, woohoooo!!!!!!!! :devil2:

14th October 2007, 10:18
Heres some pics of my new pocket, to replace my worked BLATA rep.

14th October 2007, 19:47
Heheh .. all kewl ... okay I'll get onto that gear oil! My other poor little minimoto spat the dummy today! Bits flew out of the left cover and the torsion spring chewed a nice arc around :lol:

Mate was over today giving it heaps and I guess it just needed a little rest! :sweatdrop

And yeah, :o whoops! Guess I was a bit too enthusiastic with the throttle on the miniduck that day! :woohoo:

15th October 2007, 22:11
Eh.. that sucks. Let me know what bits you need and I will try get some in with next shipment if I dont have in stock already. Lol.. maybe thats what happens when we dont put gear oil in? I think this time round has been the first time the instruction manuals have actually been of any use.

I will see if "un named high quality company" will sell me some of those 40cc patented engines like whats in our new ones.